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When people need an SEO Expert in St. Louis, Missouri or a Website design that brings insane traffic to their business they hire Mike Bland, St. Louis’s very own Search Engine Optimization expert. Mike has helped many St. Louis Businesses over the years with St. Louis local SEO traffic, SEO Consulting and Website Consulting.






Mike was self-taught after coming from the Law Enforcement career as a 20-year police officer in St. Louis, Missouri. Like many people Mike had no idea what to do when he started his Private Investigations business (Shadow Company Investigations), a St. Louis Private Investigations Firm started out on merely nothing but a laptop.

Mike said he literally could barely work on a computer in those days as he never had one as a child and as a cop, we were mostly in the vehicle driving around. It was just never something I used or had a necessity for. To be honest computers were even quite intimidating to me as it was something, I was just never good at doing or learning.

Somehow when starting my Business Shadow Company Investigations, I began to try to quickly figure out how to advertise. I had no idea what I was doing or how to even get any business. Personal connections with possible clients are great but I really didn’t even have that as it can be hard to be in the right or popular crowd.

I began reading a researching marketing and trying to understand what was needed to get business and soon realized that I needed social media, Websites, Content Development, Google Business Listings, Logo Design, and most of all SEO.

I literally had no idea what SEO was, or all the aspects included. I did realize that I better figure it out though. From April of 2014 to the present day, I had to learn by trial and error on what things worked and which did not.

By 2020 It had finally sunk in that you also need a defined niche or be in a business that is even needed by people or in high demand. Private Investigations is a tough and very cutthroat industry like everything else.

With investigations we charge a lot like lawyers for all the risk and stress involved. However, unless you have contracts with large companies or doing background checks or workers comp surveillance there just isn’t steady work.

With SEO & Web Design Services I realized there is a lot of need and people are all desperate to get their business on the front page of Google. Otherwise, if your business is not on the front page you’re not getting even noticed and we all know what that means.

Now I spend a lot of my time helping high end clients from North America and all other regions like North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

The services are not cheap but the long run things pay off in great dividends. What I see people wanting and a lot of Snake Oil Marketing Companies providing are some alleged Quick Fix – SEO Tactics to get some faster views or more traffic for a month.

However, St. Louis SEO expert Bland says these tactics are just not realistic at the end of the day. Clients that come to me are ones that want to be around in 5, 10, 25 years from now and getting crazy steady, long-term traffic and calls that generate revenue for their businesses.

Bland stated he also started other successful businesses Dark Site Operations Security, Global Business Consultants, and Global SEO Services after learning he had interests in helping new business startups, providing executive protection services, and doing Search Engine Optimization Services.

The thing that separate’s me from a lot of people is I have more than one interest and very ambitious, so I never planned on just having one business someday, but many in the all the areas I’m interested. What has allowed me to do this and obtain the website traffic, calls, and revenue generated is my self-taught knowledge over the years on being the best SEO Guy in St. Louis, Missouri, the State of Missouri, and the Globe.

It took me a while to figure things out business wise and I made a broke a lot of connections due to finding out people were shady or into things that I’m not. At the end of the day, I’m a Christian and as far as making friends with people my circle is very small and I really keep a very small circle of people whom I trust. I also like doing the marketing and website stuff from a computer because it gives me the luxury of being in an office in a high rise one day or home the next on a laptop.

The thing that separate’s me from the rest of the pack in the business world is being very blunt and honest with people on how SEO & Web Design works without lying to them and selling snake oil as I call it.

Being the best SEO Company in St. Louis takes a lot of hard work and research of the latest updates with Google and staying cutting edge on technology, web design layouts, and customer experience while on the website.

I have seen some horrific stuff that alleged expert companies have on their sites. I have seen some sites that as a veteran web designer I cannot even figure out how to navigate.

St. Louis SEO is important to all trying to be successful and to having a productive local business in St. Louis that sells services or products.

For a Free SEO Consultation, or becoming a client of Mike Bland you can reach him directly at (314) 737-3166 or visit Global SEO Services.

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